1979 -2016

Expertise in the intersection of entertainment, technology and business.
Skills achieved in the film & digital for feature film, commercials, documentaries and music videos.


Consultant for post-production systems, quotes, reservations, sheets, managing director and general manager.


Camera assistant and photographer.


Film editor assistant, film editor, post-production management, technical director, project manager, post-production supervisor, DI supervisor, VFX coordinator, VFX supervisor, VFX producer, VFX executive producer, on set supervisor, director for commercials, art director, CGI/VFX director and creative director.


  • Knowledge of editing and management of the post-production in feature films, advertisings, documentaries and music videos.
  • Analogical film process skills and forerunner of the digital process.
  • Creative and technical skills.
  • Management of a VFX projects , form the idea to the execution.
  • Management of the technical-artistic staff .
  • Excellent communication and staff management skills.
  • Ability to guide and lead a team getting the best result.
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of film theory.
  • Great aesthetic sense
  • Precise prevision of the time and costs associated with a project.
  • Problem solving
  • Management of the the bidding and negotiation processes.
  • Post-production pipeline, techniques and software.
  • Development of story and storyboard.
  • Consulting to the Art Director in the conception phase of the commercial.
  • Consulting to the director and DOP about the shooting with VFX.
  • Animatic, pre-visualization
  • Set extensions and matte painting
  • Blue-screening
  • Digital animation
  • Visual effects
  • 2D/3D Tracking, Compositing
  • 3D stereo


1992 – Today

ROLE: general manager, senior editor & editing supervisor, post-production supervisor, post-production & DI supervisor, creative executive producer, VFX executive producer, VFX supervisor and VFX creative director.

TASKS: management and supervision on the creative and technical execution of the advertising and film projects, from the idea to the production (editing, color correction, 3D stereo, CGI and VFX).


  • Restoration in 4k of the film “Juliet of the Spirits” by Federico Fellini – Film Restoration Supervisor (2015)
  • Restoration in 4k of the film “The Terrace” by Ettore Scola – Film Restoration Supervisor (2015)
  • Nomination at the David Donatello for Best Digital Effects “Greenery will bloom again” (2015)
  • Post-production executive producer and DI supervisor – “Our host Planet” by Ermanno Olmi (2015)
  • Post-production executive producer and DI supervisor of Maccio Capatonda's first film “The average Italian” (2015)
  • first Italian film fully realized in 4K from 35mm negative (“greenery will bloom again” by Ermanno Olmi – 2014)
  • Restoration in 4k of the film “Soap thieves” by Maurizio Nichetti - Film Restoration Supervisor (2012)
  • first feature film in 3D stereo in Italy (Ligabue “Campovolo” – 2011)
  • unique in Italy to have a Barco 2K projector (2011)
  • first to work with Raw files with Nucoda Fuse (2011)
  • first short film in 3D stereo (Il Volo – 2009)
  • creation of a pipeline in 2K/HD DPX/LOG (2009)
  • first San in Italy (DVS – 2009)
  • nomination at HPA Hollywood for outstanding color grading television (4 single fathers - 2009)
  • first color grading system NLE in Italy (Da Vinci Resolve – 2009)
  • first film scanner in Italy (Arriscan – 2008)
  • operations partner to launch the All music channel (2006)
  • first to create a Volkswagen auto in CGI (VW Polo – 2006)
  • operations Sky partner to launch Sky Sport and Sky Cinema channels (2003)
  • first HD feature film (Scacco Pazzo – 2003)
  • nomination at the David Donatello for the Best Editing (Honolulu baby - 2000)
  • first digital intermediate film in Italy (Honolulu baby – 2000)
  • first commercial created in live action/CGI (Loacker - 2000)
  • collaborates with MTV Italy creating the figure of the “designer” for television (1999)
  • collaborates with Discreet Logic to develop Flint and Flame software for the compositing (1992)


2014 – 2016:

Collaborates with the Experimental Cinematography Centre in Milan as Professor of visual effects, teaching production, editing, color grading and post-production.


1989 – 1992
ROLE: editing consultant, demo artist and trainer.
TASKS: evaluation systems, software development & fixing bugs, exhibitions NAB & IBC , IBTS.
NLE OFFLINE SOFTWARE: Avid, EditDroid, EMC2, Montage, FilmLight
NLE ONLINE SOFTWARE: Discreet Flame, Softimage DS, Quantel Harry, Henry, Matrox Studio
3D SOFTWARE: Microsoft Softimage, Alias, Wavefront.
PAINTING/COMPOSITING SOFTWARE: Softimage Eddie, Discreet Flint, Parallax Advance/Matador.
MAIN CUSTOMERS: Techexport, Avid technology


1983 – 1992:
ROLE: Art director
TASKS: Conception of advertising campaigns and director.
MAIN ADVERTISING: Golia “Orchestra leader”, Sangemini, Viva la vita, Boario, Selvaggia Shoes and Parmalat Mister Day.
AGENCIES: Michele Rizzi&Associates


1983 – 1992:
ROLE: editing in Moviola 35MM–16MM– VID MC (1989)
TASKS: post-production management, bookings, quotations and final balances.
EDITING - 35/16MM FLAT TABLE, AVID MC: editing video, ADR/dialogue editor and sound FX editing.
EDITING FILM LAB: offline for negative cut, Truka data sheet, color correction in film grading, visioning standard copies in projection and color correction in Telecinema.
AUDIO: voice casting, sound design and sync audio, dubbing director and mix supervisor.
FILM PRODUCTIONS: Primo Piano, Filmmaster, Brw, Multifilm , Cooper Group and FH.
KEY FACTOR: first Avid editor in Italy (1989)


1979 -1980:
COMPANY: Advision
ROLE: assistant editor in Moviola 35MM–16MM
TASKS: cleaning Moviola, sync audio and second assistant editor.


1979 – 1982:
COMPANY: Green Movie
ROLE: assistant film editor/film editor in Moviola 35MM – 16MM
TASKS: post-production management, supervising, quotes, reservations, cost estimation and sheet.
EDITING: editing video, ADR/dialogue editor and sound FX editing.
FILM LAB: offline for negative cut, Truka data sheet, color correction in film grading, visioning standard copies in projection and color correction in Telecinema.
AUDIO: voice casting and management, sound design and sync audio, dubbing director and mix supervisor.


1978 -1979:
COMPANY: Studio 2B
ROLE: Assistant photographer in studio and camera assistant at the newsreel camera.
TASKS: case holder and camera assistant.


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